“Mom of the Year” Friday

In typical crazed-mom fashion, this week’s Mom of the Year Friday post is going up on Tuesday.  Sigh….All of today’s pictures are courtesy of http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/, an excellent site to make you feel better about your life in general.

Do these family stick figure cartoons on people’s cars bug anybody else as much as they do to me?  And what happens when life happens, and you lose a member of the family?  One mom’s creative solution to divorce:254

I’m not opposed to child leashes, but this is a bit ridiculous:166

Ummm….good job protecting your kid from the rain?123

Ok, just because the little illustration of how to correctly place your child in the cart does not specifically mention this particular positioning does not make it correct! SafeRedirect-2



“Mom of the Year” Friday

Just to toss things out on this new blog of mine, I think I shall start a new Friday regular post on the blog, deemed (sarcastically, as you will find)

Mom of the Year

Here will be pictures and stories from around the internet to assure all of us parents out there that no matter how tough parenting is, how much we all feel like we fail our kids on a regular basis, at least we have not failed parenting on such a monumental basis as these folks have (at least in their one moment of brainlessness).  Enjoy!

I am completely in favor of breastfeeding, but this takes it a bit too far…











When you feel the need to drag your child butt-naked down a public road…











No words necessary here…